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School Uniform

All students should be habitually clean ways neatly dressed by the end of April each should be in complete uniform.

Uniform in Summers

  1. BOYS:(Montessori to Class VII)
    • Grey shorts with White(Plain)Half sleeves.
    • Black shoes and Grey socks.
  2. BOYS:(Class VIII and above)
    • Boys of Class VIII and above will wear Gray tousers instead of shorts.
  3. GIRLS:(Montessori to Class V)
    • Grey box pleated tunic,white(Plain) half sleeve blouse with short collar.
    • Black shoes and Grey socks.
    The tunic should be below the knees and "V" necked.
  4. GIRLS:(Class VI and above)
    • White Salwar & White Dupatta with Grey Kurta.
    • Black Shoes and Grey Socks.

Uniform in WINTERS

  1. BOYS:
    • Grey(Preferable woollen-worsed) trousers.
    • White(Plain) full sleeves shirts.
    • Black shoes and Grey socks.
    • Grey pullover and navy blue (Single Breast) with Brass Buttons.
  2. GIRLS:
    • Black shoes , Grey stockings, Grey Pullover and Navy Blue Blazer.
    • Grey kurta with shirt collar.
    • Shoulder strips and full sleeves (in winter) white salwar.
    • Black shoes and Grey stockings.
    • Grey pullover & Navy Blue Blazer (Single Breast) with Brass Buttons.
    White kurtas for Saturday.

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